Peregrine & Raptor IWB Holster Mounting Screw Hardware
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Additional Chicago screws and Pull the Dot stud & Hardware for the Peregrine & Raptor IWB holster. Comes in sets of 2. Includes 2 #8 Chicago screw posts, 2 #8 screws and 4 rubber extention washers, 2 #6 screws for the stud and 2 Pull the Dot studs. Your choice of black or nickel.


If you need additional Peregrine or Raptor IWB Belt Loops click link below to order.

Peregrine & Raptor Inside the Waistband Belt Loops


**Chicago Screws will ship within 24 hours of placement of order.**


If you need the Pull the Dot cap to be replaced, please contact me at Pull the Dot caps need to be drilled out and replaced using a specialized press here at the shop.



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Peregrine & Raptor IWB Holster Mounting Screw Hardware

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